Enroll in HOME Program

ECS HOME Program

(Home Oversight Ministry in Education)

Recognizing that some families feel an individualized learning program at home is in the best interest of their children, Emmanuel Christian School is equipped to encourage and assist them through our home school umbrella. The HOME Program is for families who are members in faithful attendance of Emmanuel Baptist Temple, or other fundamental, Bible-Believing churches.

Our goal is to assist families but not to be intrusive. Parents will maintain daily lesson plans and weekly grades. Although students may move at an individually tailored pace, all courses must be passed before grade promotion or diplomas are issued.

The yearly fee to enroll in the HOME Program is $300.00 for the first student and $200.00 for each additional student.

Services included in the ECS HOME Program:

  • Enrollment as a student in Emmanuel Christian School with Maryland Accreditation
  • Two academic oversight conference with homeschool administrator, Audra Kitchen
  • Assistance with curriculum choices
  • Attendance at chapel services
  • Attendance at class field trips (excludes senior trip)
  • Transcripts for college issued by ECS
  • Availability of classes for all grades in group music instruction and physical education when available

Services available in the HOME Program at extra costs:

  • Competition in Association of Baptist Church Schools’ Fine Arts Festival (grades 4-12)
  • Team sports for middle and high school students (drafting priority given to full-time ECS students) (Pennsylvania students may participate in team sports)
  • Tutoring and private music lessons

HOME Program Requirements:

  • Submission of weekly schedule and monthly lesson plan (The principal must approve the curriculum, lesson plan sampling, and end of the year grades)
  • Curriculum
  • Sampling of homework, quizzes, and tests
  • Book report from 1st-6th grade students
  • Research paper and final exams from 7th-12th grade students
  • Both students and their families must abide by all rules of dress and conduct while on school property